First Wellness Testing is a global service provider that specializes in wellness testing on site. The business model consists of a global network of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in teams. Our specialty is to provide companies throughout the world with quality health tests through biometrics and blood testing. Our team of healthcare workers visits customers on site to perform health tests. The goal is to provide effective

solutions in over 80 countries. Our services help companies and their employees to evaluate and understand the health risks they may face. A clear strategy for wellness and health programs is becoming a mainstay for companies around the world. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of corporate personnel services by increasing employee wellbeing, reducing absenteeism, and increasing efficiency and productivity.


History. In the twenty years since Staffan Sahlström founded and pioneered the global anti-doping company (IDTM),  he has gained a unique experience and knowledge of international operations. Sahlström has during the years proven to be a successful entrepreneur with good business skills combined with great leadership. FWT will benefit from his industry expertise, leadership and global network when the company focuses on fulfilling its vision of beeing a truly Global provider of Wellness Programs that empowers people to take ownership of their own health.