Biometric Screening

Biometric Screening assists companies in helping employees to assess and understand the health risks they may face. The results can help employees to develop health goals or indicate the need to see a physician. Employee wellness programs are becoming a mainstay amongst business large and small in the United States as well as abroad. Effectively designed, implemented and managed employee wellness programs can significantly reduce the cost of employee healthcare; decrease absenteeism rates and increase productivity.

Biometric testing programs are evaluations intended to identify past, current and potential medical problems.

Some examples of biometric testing programs that your company may like to consider include: Cholesterol levels • Glucose levels • Triglycerides • Blood pressure • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Some important points for the Employer to consider are:

  • Biometric Testing should be done on a regular basis to monitor change
  • It is imperative that you assure all employees that confidentiality is maintained during testing
  • Employees should also be informed about when and how results are to be provided
  • Emphasize that Biometric Testing is voluntary, but remind employees of the value of health tests
  • Health education materials should be distributed/made available for all employees, regardless of their health risk level.