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Clinical Trials – Part of First Wellness Testing Company

Easier, more comfortable and efficient for patients to take part in clinical trial. This is the goal of a new approach to clinical trials.
-In today’s world, time and flexibility is essential even for patients that participates in clinical studies and they should not be prevented in their daily lives, says Camilla Nordström, Chief of Operation, of the newly established business unit within First Wellness Testing AB.

The new business unite aims to make it easier and more convenient for patients to participate in clinical studies. Instead of the patients always having to go to the clinic/hospital, by using mobile phlebotomy service´s the tests can done in the patient’s home.

IQVIA approved FWT in December 2018 to conduct home test service for clinical trial. FWT has over the years built up an extensive knowledge to set up organizations for client projects. ”We bring all the combined expertise from over twenty (+20) years of global Sample Collection service, our broad network and operation processes into the new business unite,” says Camilla Nordström, Chief of Operation.

How it works

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Welcome to First Wellness Testing. Our specialty is to provide companies worldwide with quality health tests through biometrics and blood testing. Our team visits customers on site to perform health tests. The goal is to provide simple and effective solutions in approximately 180 countries. FWT has assisted pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) with on-site sample collection (Mobile collection). Our experience and reputation for quality and integrity are among the reasons clients chose to work with us. Our comprehensive services include the organization, management and execution of collection. And we also assists, for example, insurance companies to assess and understand individuals health risks they may face. Applicants of insurance coverage will be able to indepen dently and safely collect a blood sample and other relevant measurements at home without visiting a physician.