How it works

The normal business situation is that First Wellness Testing “Clinical Unit” is contacted when a sponsor or Contracted Research organization, are considering and/or has decided to combine patient’s visits at hospital/clinics with visits at the patient’s home environment.

Key matters to discuss are:

  • Type of study
  • Number of patients, and countries/locations involved
  • Type of tests and duration
  • Shipment conditions


Based on the received information FWT provides a tentative offer. FWT will be responsible for the overall administration, planning and management of the sample collections within the Territory, once a patient is signed up for the Clinical Trial project.

FWT will charge a flat fee for the Initial set-up, based on estimated hours of work.

  • Project planning and logistic set up
  • Project team set up
  • Initial start-up meetings with local countries
  • Communication set up with
  • Quality control and documentation ( incl SOP routines, material materiel and SAE reporting etc)
  • Selection and qualification of the mobile teams in each country
  • Training of the Team (according to client material for the project)

Technical set up

Depending on the numbers of patient, we suggest that we set
up a booking and administrative tool for the project. If this is agreed we will
provide a separate price quotation for such a tool.

Courier set-up

Normally the courier service is handled by the client.
The communication between local team and shipment coordinator is important.

Project management

FWT will have a designated person working with the
project, and responsible for the

ongoing project management and being the coordinator
responsible for the daily contact with the local team. 


We assume that the client/sponsor will provide material
and necessary sampling equipment for the study.

Fee per patient visit:

Our fee system is based on a fee per patient. The standard is that the nurse/phlebotomists will spend one (1) working day per patient. Each assignment will be one (1) day/assignment and involve one (1) phlebotomist/nurse.

The indicative cost for a phlebotomist/day will include;

  • Mobile Team Personnel fee
  • Travel incl 200 km by car ( extra travel cost and time if the travel exceeds 200 km by car)
  • Per Diem
  • Planning Fee for the team

The client will provide FWT with training material with regard to the Clinical Trial in order for FWT to train the samples collection personnel prior to the start-up of the project. This is to ensure that the tests and procedures are in accordance with the study. The client shall use its best endeavors to provide all necessary assistance to FWT in relation to the provision of the Services.

FWT requires a minimum of eight (8) weeks prior to the first visit of a patient to schedule and plan the project.