Health Risk Assessment

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire is a tool that gives participants an evaluation of their current health and quality of life. The HRA promotes health awareness by reviewing participants’ personal lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that could be impacted by personal choices. FWT uses an HRA developed by Proformia. The HRA Questionnaire and Profile (confidential feedback) is available in printed format or online for participants. FWT standard process begins with a health screening, where participants are given a form with their biometric results, as well as instructions for completing an online HRA. During the screening FWT nurse reviews the instructions and answers questions. After the health screening, employees complete the HRA questionnaire online using their biometric results obtained at the health screening.

After completing the HRA, each participant receives a personal Profile Report that recommends healthy behaviors according to age group, gender, and risk level. The Profile Report presents each participant’s three greatest health risk factors and lists resources available to help employees reduce their risks. HRAs can be integrated with a health screening, or can function as a standalone wellness program. HRAs integrated with a health screening event yield more complete pictures of participants’ health status because lifestyle information is considered along with clinical results (e.g. cholesterol level).