Hands on Wellness with Fingerstick Screenings

To meet varying global wellness testing needs and data privacy regulations , FWT offers fingerstick blood screenings. This alternative wellness screening method incorporates FWT´s strengths in delivering convenience of an onsite event and faster delivery of results.

Why Fingerstick?

More Immediate Results. Finger stick testing is conducted with a few drops of blood. Results are produced in approximately five minutes. Within 10–15 minutes, the participant can be screened for blood testing and biometrics measurements and receive a “ results review” with an examiner. Participants leave with the immediate ability to choose how they respond to their results.

“Results Review” with a Trained Examiner.

After participants are screened, an examiner points out the results and then indicates where results fall in the range of reference intervals. The examiner performing the testing is trained and qualified to share the screening results with the participant in a confidential way. This “teachable moment” and immediacy of results may lead to improved patient understanding, and a better sense of urgency and compliance. The FWT Wellness team is also able to distribute employer or health educational materials about supplemental programs related to the wellness initiative (gym membership information, smoking cessation, exercise and other program materials).

Quality Testing. 

The equipment used to perform fingerstick testing is US FDA approved , CE marked and is internationally registered.