Covid vaccine for sustainable economic recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge shifts in the ways we work and live. During the past few weeks, there has been some positive and encouraging news on the Covid-19 vaccine front. The coronavirus vaccine is finally here.


After many months of business closures, employees are beginning to return to on-site work, with many workers raising concerns about an increased risk of infection at the workplace. Vaccinating employees and keeping them immune from COVID-19 may boost their productivity, keep businesses insulated from closures and disruptions, and curb further spread of the disease. However, medical experts say employers may be better off encouraging – and not mandating – their employees to receive a vaccine.


First Wellness Testing Group understands that the Covid-19 vaccination program will be the most complex vaccination program ever rolled out. We are communicating regularly with our global health service provider network and getting frequent updates on the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine.

First Wellness Testing Group can help with:

  • Planning and evaluating the current situation:together with you, we can design the most appropriate vaccination strategy for your business landscape. We can send out surveys to understand their interest in receiving the Covid-19 vaccine at workplace.
  • Preparing and supporting: FWT-Group will provide essential information and set expectations about the vaccine with you and your employees, which will be coming from a trusted source. Moreover, we will be able to recommend strategies to help employees to stay healthy, reduce the spread of the virus and also to support their wellbeing through our other medical services.

If your organisation is considering to offer Covid-19 vaccine to their employees, please get in touch.

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